Shortarmguy and the Dude Show

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Shortarmguy Pitches For The Other Team!

Britney Spears, Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman... Do we have your attention now? What do these three lovely ladies have to do with Shortarmguy and the Dude Show? Well, nothing really... we just discuss them in our brand new Episode Seven!!

Learn about what wholesome activities team members of the Minnesota Vikings are involved in on their bye week off! Hear about how Britney might try to one up Paris Hilton with a brand new home sex video! And Shortarmguy discusses how much he has in common with Tom Cruise; it's more than you might think...

Listen to the all new, all exciting Episode Seven now!!

10/12/05 - Update! Shortarmguy alleged during yesterday's podcast that the Dude made up the whole story regarding the Vikings boat trip sex scandal. Lo and behold, the entire Twin Cities' media (radio, television and newspapers) are making the story today's front page news. Remember, you heard it FIRST on Shortarmguy and the Dude Show!

Front page coverage of the Vikings Sex Party in the Minneapolis Star Tribune